Indoor Play Consultancy

I have been running play areas since 1991 (which is probably longer than anyone in the industry) and have experienced recession and boom times, so I feel I am justified in saying I have seen most things. In this business every day is a new learning experience and over the years the way the industry has had to work has changed fairly significantly.

Thankfully I have been reasonably successful, but I can tell any potential operators that it is dramatically harder than you can ever imagine to make a significant return on your investment. You can make a comfortable living from it, but it will never make you a millionaire. It also raises the question of whether it is all worthwhile when you have an increasingly demanding general public and the stress and hassle it causes. On top of that there are staff issues, health and safety etc etc.
Need I go on! I have always believed in giving people an honest opinion of the business, and I will always do what I can to help people not make some of the mistakes I did. Unfortunately my time is in great demand and whilst I would love to give lots of free advice the knowledge I have gained has been at a great cost and I need to recoup it, so I have to charge a fee for my services. I would say I still charge the same rate as I did ten years ago and at £75.00 per hour I believe it is very good value. I know that just one piece of advice will save you ten times what my charges will be.

I know that will put a lot of people off, as they will be offered free advice by the manufacturers. It is however very difficult to be totally impartial if they want to build your play area.

If anyone does want to talk to me please feel free to email me at or phone 01494 678699. On the other hand if you want to get some idea of the general feelings in the industry you can read copies of the Indoor Play Newsletter by clicking here.

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