Safety Policy & Rules

While Activity World staff and management endeavour to ensure the safety of all visitors, it remains the responsibility of accompanying adults & guardians to supervise the children in their care while visiting the facility. All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult and remain the responsibility of said adult at all times.

Parents and guardians must:

- Remain on the premises at all times.

- Monitor their child to ensure that he/she is capable of using the equipment safely, to adhere and understand all safety signs.

- Know where their child is and ensure that the child is able to locate them at all times.

- Parents must accompany toddlers in Toddler World at all times.  Do not let your toddlers roam around Activity World by themselves

.Parents and guardians only know their child's capabilities and behaviour best and should ensure an appropriate level of supervision to reflect this.

1. Maximum height limit 1.55m for Activity World (Maximum age 12 yrs).
Maximum height limit 1m for Toddler World. We all appreciate an area where small
children can play safely without bigger children, so if your child is over 1m please
explain to them the importance of not entering the area and please keep an eye on them.
If staff find any children/person over the height limit in either area please do not take
offence if asked to leave the area.

2. Parents are responsible for their children and must remain on site at all times. All
children must be supervised at all times by an adult (18yrs + and ID might be required). Do not let toddlers roam around on their own. Children cannot supervise children.

3. No re-entry unless you pay another admission.

4. Slides may cause friction burns. Tangle Tower straps can slap. Legs and arms (skin) to
be covered and hair to be tied back. We recommend you do not wear expensive clothes.

5. No food or drink allowed on play structure and in Toddler World. Please keep an eye
on your hot drinks, we recommend you use the sip through lids provided. Use bins.

6. Only one at a time on all equipment and adhere to all safety signs. Balls, bricks and toys
must remain in their designated areas.

7. Food and drink to be purchased at the café. Please do not embarrass yourself by
bringing your own food/drink as staff will ask you to put it into your vehicle.

8. We do not supply jugs or cups of water free and will be charged the same rate as a
cordial. Bottles of water can be purchased at the café.

9. Unofficial birthday parties will not be allowed to bring in birthday cakes, balloons etc.
This is for the privilege of those who book birthday parties with us.

10. Please help us keep our framework safe. Vandalism on our equipment & dropped
foreign objects can occur during the day between our maintenance checks. If you see
anything, please report it to a Duty Manager immediately.

11. Although Activity World strive to maintain a safe environment, accidents can still
occur so please immediately report to a member of staff any incidents. Although
Activity World is under NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to provide first aiders, in the event
first aid is needed, only basic first aid will be applied, an ambulance may be called or
you will be directed to the hospital or walk in centre.
Anyone displaying signs of injury or illness will not be permitted onto the play frame.

12. Members of staff will not tolerate abusive behaviour or violence from any member of
the public (adult, teenager or child). You may be removed from the premises
without a refund, banned from returning and/or the police will be called.

13. For those parents whose children cause trouble we would ask that the matter is dealt
with in an adult manner. Staff will not get involved. If the matter upsets our
customers then the family/families involved will be asked to leave the premises.

14. In the event of a fire alarm activation, please leave the building immediately from
the nearest fire exit. Do not re-enter the building. The staff will evacuate all
children from the building and you can meet up with them at the assembly point
in the front car park.

Please remember

Please note that parents/carers are responsible at all times for the supervision and safety of the children in their care. Food and drink consumed on the premises can only be purchased from the cafeteria.